VMware ATP Recap_Trim

Clearpath intro - start to 5:30
VMware Advanced Threat Prevention presentation - 5:30 to 17:45
VMware Advanced Threat Prevention demo - 17:45 to end

Clearpath CTO, Felix Vargas, along with VMware Networking and Security Specialist, Erica Murray, and VMware Threat Prevention Engineer, Jeff Michael, host a dynamic presentation and demo on securing the modern data center with VMware Network Security.

During this webinar our speakers cover how VMware NSX Network Detection and Response services:

  • Base access on a zero-trust model by confirming user identities and device credibility
  • Analyze threats utilizing AI systems that monitor network traffic, detect intrusions, and automate new threat prevention
  • Inspect all internal data center traffic for threats with deep visibility that leverages multiple threat detection techniques simultaneously
  • Detect malware that has been engineered to evade standard security tools
  • Improves the accuracy of your alerts and enables your security teams to focus on a small set of actual intrusions
  • Proactively hunt for emerging threats to your network before they impact the business

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