Today’s landscape is littered with corporate casualties of successful hacks and ransomware attacks. Take it from Clearpath’s partner, Secureworks, who responds to over 1200 incidents annually. One major takeaway from all the recent breaches is that an incident is not an IT issue only – it affects the whole business. Clearpath and Secureworks have also found that most organizations do not have the resources or expertise to effectively respond to what could be a catastrophic event for the business.

We can help. Felix Vargas, Clearpath CTO, and Chris Hartley, Global Solution Lead for Secureworks Counter Threat Unit (CTU) present an analysis of how successful attacks are carried out and what are some things you MUST have in place to not only detect the breach but to respond effectively across all business stakeholders, i.e. IT, Legal, HR, Finance, Compliance.

During this presentation we cover:

  • Provide insights into how to identify the attacker (and why it’s important to know WHO it is)
  • Cover how to quickly contain breaches and eradicate the perpetrator
  • Discuss the correct steps in successfully managing incident response in order to minimize the impact on business
Secureworks Recording

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Clearpath intro — 4:47 to 15:27
Secureworks presentation — 15:55 to 53:46