Clearpath has expanded its professional and managed services teams to include the follow offerings: cloud migration services, penetration testing services, managed cloud services, and cloud_spend_clearpathmanaged security services. Clearpath's technical team has deep professional experience in delivering secure and compliance-oriented public cloud based IT solutions that are optimized to keep track of cloud spending and systems operations integrity. Our IT security experts develop and implement a full-stack security architecture that covers and protects your entire stack including the end-user environment, applications, data and infrastructure. 

Clearpath enables your company’s transition to secure cloud computing which includes the design of secure environments; implementation of automated intrusion detection, vulnerability and log management services; and the modernization of Enterprise IT operations through automation of cybersecurity, development and operations activities. Clearpath also helps to keep AWS and Azure cloud spend in check by offering cost monitoring and spend management services to limit sprawl.

Services Offered:

  • Cloud migration assessments that include a full analysis of customers’ security posture with regard to confidentiality, integrity and availability. Based on an understanding of the nature of the data and the potential threat vectors, a customized cloud solution is developed for your business.
  • Penetration testing helps identify vulnerabilities in any exposed web applications. A scan is performed in anonymous mode and authenticated mode and helps detect issues such as SQL injection, XSS, click-jacking and other common web application related vulnerabilities.
  • Managed cloud services include system maintenance and operations, patching, vulnerability monitoring, backup and recovery as well as security and application performance monitoring.
  • Managed security services team will develop and implement a full-stack security architecture that covers and protects your entire stack including the environment, application, data and infrastructure.
  • Staff augmentation with Clearpath can help your organization augment and scale its staffing needs quickly.
  • cloud_security_clearpathCost Monitoring with an intelligent detection engine which provides focused and targeted information to help reduce cloud costs and improve the operational integrity of the environment. Specific instances include optimizing cloud spending based on CPU utilization; detecting unattached EBS volumes; detecting new instances in the environment and other security and operational parameters.

We partner with your company to implement solutions to speed up the process of cloud adoption, improve the operational integrity of your environment, and implement the correct security stack.