Kyle Hanslovan, Founder and CEO of Huntress, hosts an engaging and informative live demo where he slips past The Washington Football Team's security stack. 

In this recap see:

  • Which techniques hackers use to bypass network monitoring
  • How much damage an unprivileged user can cause
  • How psychology forces victims to open malicious attachments
  • What keystroke logging looks like from the attacker’s point of view
  • Learn which security layers would have minimized the impact of this incident
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Meet Your Speaker:

Kyle Hanslovan | Founder & CEO, Huntress 


Kyle hails from the U.S. Intelligence Community where he supported defensive and offensive cyber operations for the past decade. After leaving the NSA, he co-founded Huntress and actively participates in the ethical hacking community as a Black Hat conference trainer, STEM mentor, and Def Con CTF champion. Additionally, he served in the Maryland Air National Guard as a Cyber Warfare Operator. With his background in software development and malware analysis, he enjoys making hackers earn every inch of their access within the networks they compromise.

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Clearpath intro — 1:05 to 5:30
Huntress presentation — 6:00 to end