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Multicloud Flash Fabric All Flash Array
Adaptive Flash Array Secondary Flash Array


Clearpath Professional Services

Clearpath offers technical project management, consulting, and implementation services through project lifecycle.



HPE Nimble Storage

Flash storage fundamentally shifts how IT organizations address the escalating demands of critical applications. It offers the high performance needed to meet stringent service level agreements (SLAs), but it also comes at a high price, especially for aligning adequate capacity.  IT organizations typically face a trade-off between performance and cost. 


Multicloud Flash Fabric

The Multicloud Flash Fabric is made up of two types of array - All Flash and Adaptive Flash. The All Flash array is an industry leading all flash system that delivers absolute speed for performance sensitive applications. The Adaptive Flash array adapts to meet the needs of mixed mainstream applications and can be non-disruptively configured to have up to 100% flash capacity to achieve the ideal price/performance sweet spot. They can be clustered together in a Multicloud Flash Fabric and managed as one with common data services. The same functionality and simple management is common in All Flash and Adaptive Flash.

Freedom of choice: Freedom to choose and easily place data on the most appropriate storage
 type (all-flash, hybrid-flash, secondary flash and the cloud) based on your needs (performance, app workload, cost, SLAs, etc.).

Transparent data mobility: Transparently move data sets between arrays in a cluster.

Easy on-ramp to the cloud—HPE Nimble Storage flash arrays are cloud ready. Natively replicate data from on-premises flash arrays to HPE Cloud Volumes.

Radical simplicity—Manage each flash storage resource in the same way, or cluster together and manage as one. Whether all-flash, hybrid-flash, or secondary flash.


All Flash Array

The HPE Nimble Storage platform leverages flash storage and the power of predictive analytics to deliver fast and reliable access to data. This approach closes the app-data gap and radically simplifies operations. HPE InfoSight predictive analytics predict and prevent issues with guaranteed 99.9999% availability1 . Utilize a single multicloud architecture to flexibly deploy workloads on flash arrays, converged infrastructure, and the public cloud.

Radical Simplicity : Deploy flash anywhere, on-prem, or in the public cloud through common data services across the HPE Nimble Storage family. Radically easy to integrate with many ecosystems. Deep integration with VMware and Veeam.

Fast and reliable: Scale-to-fit: Scale-up performance and capacity independently and non-disruptively. Scale-out to 4 arrays managed as one.

Absolute Resiliency : Built-in application-consistent snapshots and replication. Integration with leading backup software.



Adaptive Flash Array

Adaptive Flash arrays allow enterprises to dynamically assign and use multiple flash service levels within the same platform — without the costs, capacity constraints, and silo sprawl of all-flash and hybrid arrays. Adaptive Flash hybrid storage arrays are ideal for mixed, mainstream workloads that have varying requirements. 

nimble_storage.pngWith the adaptive flash array, there are three dynamically configurable service levels:

Auto Flash: Delivers All Flash performance more than 95% of the time

All Flash: All flash performance, all the time

Minimal Flash: Optimized for lowest cost of capacity

The adaptive flash array defies the physics of disk and is able to write to high-density disk at SSD speeds. It does this by coalescing thousands of small writes into large sequential stripes that it writes to sequential disk, avoiding the mechanical delays of spinning disk. Flash is then used as a dynamic read cache to accelerate reads – typically achieving a cache hit rate in the high ninety percent range with just 5%-10% actual flash.


Secondary Flash Array

The Nimble Secondary Flash Array is optimized for backup, disaster recovery and secondary data storage. By using Flash, it lets you put your backup data to work for Dev/Test, QA and analytics. Instantly backup and recover data from any primary storage system. And integration with Veeam backup software simplifies data lifecycle management and provides a path to cloud archiving.

Benefits of Seconday Flash Array include:


  • Hybrid Flash Performance enables both instant Backups AND restores. Reduces RTOs/RPOs.
  • Always-on inline Data Reduction (deduplication and 
    Compression) maximizes Effective Capacity.
  • Performance and Capacity to converge multiple uses onto a single system; and it’s a Nimble cloud-ready array, that lets you expand the efficiency of standardizing on a Nimble flash fabric.
  • Infosight Predictive Analytics ensures 6-9s uptime – the highest level in this class of device.